Hanging With Hyland: Lucille Armstrong

On Monday, our Archivist Sarah Rose published this excellent Virtual Exhibit on the life of Louis Armstrong’s fourth wife, Lucille “Brown Sugar” Armstrong. For this week’s installment of “Hanging With Hyland,” we asked Hyland Harris to talk a little bit more about Lucille’s role as Louis’s wife and her impact on his legacy.

Hyland mentioned “The Slivovice Interview,” also the subject of one of our recent Virtual Exhibits. To hear Louis, Lucille, Dan Morgenstern and Jack Bradley hanging out in Louis’s den on May 22, 1965–55 years ago this week–click HERE!

Published by Ricky Riccardi

I am Director of Research Collections for the Louis Armstrong House Museum.

One thought on “Hanging With Hyland: Lucille Armstrong

  1. I love Hangin with Hyland. What a privilege to know him, Ricky, Adriana, Junior, Sarah, Pedro, Alexis Raphael, Jovan and Jazz. Lucille and Louis would be proud of their little LAHM family!!

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