Hanging With Hyland: Louis Armstrong’s Record Collection and Collages

We took this Monday off for Memorial Day but we still have plenty of virtual exhibits from the past two months for you to dive into. Two of our most popular ones were explorations of Louis’s record collection and of his collages.

In this week’s installment of “Hanging With Hyland,” Hyland Harris talks with Ricky Riccardi about these particular offstage hobbies and what they tell us about Armstrong, the man and his music.

In the video, Hyland alludes to Louis listening to “Give Peace a Chance” in preparation for the album Louis Armstrong and His Friends. Come back this Friday for a special “Satch’s Tracks” feature on the 50th anniversary of the recording of that album, exploring how Armstrong prepared for it and what he listened to at home before stepping into the studio.

Published by Ricky Riccardi

I am Director of Research Collections for the Louis Armstrong House Museum.

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