Behind the Scenes Tour of the Armstrong House – Part 1

We promised something special with our “Hanging With Hyland” series and here it is! The Louis Armstrong House Museum remains closed because of the pandemic but that didn’t stop our own Hyland Harris from recently filming a behind-the-scenes walk-through of the Armstrong House. As you’ll hear, he calls this “The Bessie Tour” in honor of Bessie Williams, Lucille Armstrong’s devoted housekeeper who continued taking care of the Armstrong House until 2000. Hyland gets deep in each room to provide new stories and views for those who have never visited the House and for those who have been to Corona but are longing for some new information. (My own filmed version of our standard tour is still available on this tour under the Virtual Tour tab.)

In this first part, In Part 1, Hyland takes us through the living room, downstairs bathroom and dining room. We’ll be sharing one segment a week for the next four weeks so keep checking back for more!

Published by Ricky Riccardi

I am Director of Research Collections for the Louis Armstrong House Museum.

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